What's your body transformation goal? Whether it's losing weight or toning your muscles, your diet and exercise regimen should be tailored to you and your lifestyle. We believe it is essential to teach your body to move safely by building practical strength that can be applied outside our gym walls. We also believe it is imperative to understand what foods to eat in order to achieve your body composition goal.

These next 6 weeks are about to change your life forever. Welcome to our program. 


the workouts

We believe in practicing functional, dynamic exercise movements that will translate into real-life situations.  Functional fitness is head-to-toe fitness applied in practical life. During this challenge, expect workouts to be constantly varied to ensure your body continues to respond without plateauing. We are asking for a commitment to attend 3 classes a week for the entire 6 weeks.  Each class is one hour long and is led by an experienced coach who will ensure that you are moving safely and giving it your best effort to get the best results. 


the nutritional plan

Nutrition is the foundation of fitness and health. We're here to educate, guide, and support you through a Flexible Eating plan. Our goal is to provide you a sustainable diet plan without demonizing your favorite foods. Each member will be given a daily calorie goal based on their individual transformation objective.  We don't expect you to follow the plan flawlessly, but we do expect you to be honest with yourself and your coach. We want every participant to understand how the Flexible Eating Diet plan is sustainable long after the transformation has ended.   


the community

You're not in this alone.  From the very beginning, you will be teamed up with likeminded people who are all working toward their individual goal.  Before the challenge even kicks off, you'll go through an orientation class where you'll meet your fellow challengers and the coaches.  There may be days where you just aren't feeling it, but having a support group will motivate you to show up and do your best.  Not only that, but each team will be assigned to a fitness coach who will be with you every step of the way. 


what to expect

Your transformation begins with determining a baseline of your body composition.  We will also test your aerobic capacity which will be determined during a benchmark workout.  Those same measurements will be taken at the end of the 6 weeks to measure your progress.  Remember, this is NOT a quick fix.  You will work hard and it will pay off.  We are just here to help you kickstart your transformation and ensure that each of you are prepared for long-term changes that will last a lifetime.