If you are serious about getting better and just working on yourself in general, this is the place to go.  After 2 weeks with Eazy I noticed how much faster and stronger I was.  Eazy is one of the best trainers that I know and he always pushes me to do better and work hard.  I came back to him after 2 years of being in college at Old Dominion University because I knew he would be the perfect guy to push me and get me ready for my junior year.  I highly recommend Explosive Speed Gym.

~Destiny Young

Eazy Swarthout and his Explosive Speed Gym have helped me become a faster, stronger athlete in a very short period of time. Eazy pushes me very hard and I really like all the different exercises that we do. I highly recommend Explosive Speed and Eazy is fantastic.

~ Jack

My daughter Angela is in her 5th year of travel soccer, playing in the most competitive division for her age. She has always done some form of off-season training, usually speed & agility training is at least a part of what she does. When we first walked into Explosive Speed Gym, I honestly wasn't overly impressed, as some of the facilities she's been too were much more expensive and refined looking. After a couple of workouts, I can honestly say that this has been the most impressive workout that she has ever done, either during the season or off-season. The staff couldn't be nicer or more professional. I feel lucky to have found this place for my daughter. Last time when we left she told me, Every time we leave the house to go there, I'm dreading it because it's hard work, but when we leave the gym, I'm SO happy that I went because it's helping me in my game.

~ Angela

ESG is dynamic and cutting-edge. The guys there create an environment that is grueling yet strangely enjoyable

~ Tony Kees Chicago Inferno PDL Head Coach, Assistant director Chicago Magic

My son looks forward going to each session. All the trainers are great with the kids and my son has shown tremendous improvements in his speed and agility. I highly recommend the monthly package for the value it provides. My son wants to go as much as possible and the monthly pricing makes it affordable while generating outstanding results.

  ~Greg - Arlington Heights

I really like that each day I do different exercises. It is a lot more fun than just running sprints. After a few weeks I can already tell I am a lot quicker and stronger.

~ Brendan - 12 years old (Football and Rugby player)

I am very glad that my son Thomas began practicing here. He had numerous injuries of his hip flexors and required an individualized training program. The need was addressed and Thomas does many hip flexor strengthening exercises in addition to others. Overall, this is an excellent program and, quite importantly these days, reasonably priced.

~ George

I like this gym and honestly recommend it for everyone who seriously looks for results - I started to see results within the first 2 weeks. I feel active, strong and can do my day to day stuff without feeling much tired. The best part is, the trainer is always with you - designing great work outs from time to time. It's not boring doing the same stuff that's typically done in a gym (I hate running on those tread mills, elliptical for 30 mins)... I never imagined before that I could do so many exercises without using any hydraulic equipment.  you find people encouraging each other to push hard.... This is  a perfect place for someone who wants results, great work out and more importantly lots of fun doing it!

~ Kris M.

I brought my son here who was in 8th grade and preparing for high school football. Cole had above average speed, but you could tell that his stride was "awkward". in addition to their normal speed workout, they created tailored running drills designed to elongate his stride and improve his form (all the way down to toe first - versus heel first - running exercises). As a result, Cole ran the 5th best 40 yard dash time on his freshman team, which was good enough to get the eye of the coaches and resulted in a starting spot on the A team

~ Chris P.

Love this place! They make working out engaging and fun! I never thought getting my butt kicked would be so much fun. Plus I've made huge gains in speed and strength.  I can honestly say that I will never join another "main stream corporate gym" again after experiencing this type of exercising.  It's also great for all levels of fitness because there are no egos there.  Perfect for people who want to try something different that actually works!

~ Kyle S.