Reach goals. Reap the rewards. enjoy the journey.

CrossFit Hoffman Estates is equipped to challenge the most demanding athlete and encourage newcomers to the sport. Unlike many traditional gyms, when you join us, you'll become part of a team made up of dedicated individuals working towards the same goal (finishing a specific program or WOD), who inspire each other to achieve their individual fitness goals in an environment that's easy-going, supportive and inclusive.


Strong Fundamentals
The first step in your journey

CrossFit is for anyone looking to improve their functional fitness. Start your first month with eight personalized sessions to get acquainted with the foundational movements of CrossFit. Your coach will work with you to ensure that you're learning the proper techniques as you work toward your initial goals. Before you know it, you'll be surpassing your own expectations and on your way to a new, stronger version of yourself.


Breakthrough Plateaus
Achieve your goals

As an experienced CrossFitter you're familiar with the fundamental moves and the WODs that the sport is built on. CrossFit Hoffman Estates is committed to providing our members with the superior variety of programming, continued training, and fresh daily WODs to move our athletes’ experience and conditioning forward. We want to see our athletes grow in strength and ability to overcome the physical and mental challenges found in the sport of CrossFit.

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Athletic Excellence
Unleash the beast

Looking for a challenge to test your best? CrossFit Hoffman Estates has daily elite-track programming to fuel the fire and keep you motivated, so you can reach your goals and reap the rewards you deserve. We host and participate in a number of events, in-house, regionally and at a national level, so you'll always have an opportunity to measure your performance and compete at your highest athletic ability.