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By design, CrossFit is universally scalable and provides fitness for any committed individual. CrossFit does not prefer or discriminate against gender or age. If you’re willing to work hard and let your coach push you to perform for the hour you’re in class, CrossFit is for you.


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CrossFit Foundations

Begin your CrossFit journey the right way, with four one-on-one sessions designed to teach you the foundational movements of CrossFit. You’re a unique individual and deserve personalized attention from a trained coach to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. Once your Foundations classes are complete, you'll be fully equipped and educated on how to confidently scale any movement or lift, and be able to safely join any CrossFit class available at CrossFit Hoffman Estates.


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I have no previous experience in CrossFit and went through 4 Foundation classes so far. I love it! Eazy, Matt and Gina are very welcoming and they take their time to teach me the basics! They kick my butt and workouts are challenging, but I can’t wait to see and feel my progress!
— Keiko