IN pursuit of flawless execution
and superior performance.

Experienced CrossFit classes are for athletes who, you guessed it, have experience in CrossFit or have completed CrossFit Foundations. Our hour-long classes are packed full of movement patterns you’re already familiar with and have the added benefit of increased volume and intensity that other gyms don’t provide.


CrossFit Rx

Standard programming for CrossFit Hoffman Estates will challenge the most seasoned CrossFitter. If you’re looking for a program and a group of coaches to push you harder and propel you to achieving your goals faster, you’ve come to the right place. These classes make up the bulk of our schedule from early morning to evening, Monday through Saturday. See Schedule.

Traveling CrossFitter

Visiting the area for a few days and want to drop-in and WOD somewhere convenient to the highway?


Dropped in on a Saturday. What a wonderful treat! Inviting and welcoming were just the starters, all of the members introduced themselves and made me feel like I actually belonged. Not the usual!
The workout was a team event and it was a superb workout with great coaching from Gina. Hoffman Estates is lucky to have this gym and their people!
— Bruce