Tony C.


While we [impatiently] wait for our introduction to Spring, allow us to introduce to you our April athlete of the month. Tony's positive attitude and work ethic makes our evening class fun for both the coaches and athletes.

What initially got you into CrossFit and what keeps you coming back?
Initially, I had heard about how challenging it was. I was tutoring a guy while I was in grad school who said he worked out at a box that had community WODs on Saturday. So, I tried it one day and it kicked my a$$! I then decided that I needed more of it in my life and haven’t looked back since. Crossfit is the only workout program that I have sustained. I keep coming back for the variety, friends, and challenge. :-)

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do outside of the gym?
Outside the gym I love to eat and drink. Which is why I’m the rarity in Crossfit and have gained fat weight since starting.

What’s an accomplishment or goal you’ve reached due to CrossFit that’s made you the most proud?
You know, I don’t really have a goal that I’m working towards in Crossfit. I’ve really started to appreciate the community aspect of it more over the years. I’m most proud of the friends I’ve made while doing it. Pretty sure that most of my friends on Facebook are from the various Crossfit gyms I’ve been too.... But I would say that I’m proud of the clean and jerk. It’s one of my favorite movements (behind deadlift!) and I’ve been able to see progression in it throughout the years.

If there was one CrossFit movement you’d like to perfect, what would it be?
Ring muscle up. I’ve never been able to do them and I would love to be able to! Unfortunately, I have to drop some pounds and work on my form. :-/

Any advice for someone interested in trying out CrossFit?
In no order:
Just do it.
Embrace the community.
Listen to others.
Check your ego at the door.
Lift heavy s**t!

Most importantly, Have fun!!!